Charging station for cars

The Parkhotel Prinz Carl offers you the possibility to recharge your electric car for free. It's equal if you stay in our hotel or travel through, the charging is for free. A service for our guests and the environment.

Why have we invested in a charging station for electirc cars?
The answere is easy - because of the growing number of electric cars and the growning need of charging stations, we decided to build a new possibility to charge your car. So we build a comfort situation to charge in front of the hotel especially for our hotel guests.

Naturally, we concern over our environment and are very interessted in electric cars. We are grateful for the support of the EWR Aktiengesellschaft Worms with our investment.

If you would like any further information, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Some technical details...

1x power outlet Typ 32 with 22 kW/32A
1x Schuko plug socket