History of Parkhotel Prinz Carl in Worms

Made in Worms

The picturesque building that houses the Parkhotel Prinz Carl in Worms has long served as overnight accommodation – although the atmosphere was not always as inviting as it is today. The construction of the building goes back to 1897, at which time it housed Grand Ducal Hessian Infantry Regiment No. 118, which bore the name „Prinz Carl”. The building, which was used as a barracks, was known as the „Prinz Carl Kaserne” („Prinz Carl barracks”). After the 118th regiment was dissolved in 1919, the barracks was occupied by French troops and acquired the name „Caserne des Vallières”.

Tempestuous times and many name changes

From 1936 attempts by the city of Worms to use the barracks for civil purposes onwards failed. Instead, the facility now housed soldiers of the Wehrmacht and was renamed once again to the „Kemmel Kaserne”. In 1945 the invasion by American troops eventually led to the site being repurposed as a prisoner-of-war camp, and the barracks, now known as the „Foch Kaserne”, fell into French hands again. Only in 1951 did its transformation into an attractive business location begin.

The making of the Parkhotel

In 1956, the barracks were renamed again to the „Taukkunen Kaserne”, and the 5th Signal Command of the US armed forces were stationed there in 1974. The American soldiers left Worms in 1996, and the facility was renamed to its original name, “Prinz Carl”.  In 2000, it was acquired by a private company, which demolished some of the buildings and renovated those that remained. Finally, in 2002, the “Parkhotel Prinz Carl” celebrated its opening and has remained a popular destination for private guests and business travellers ever since.