Worms and surrounding area

Around the Parkhotel Prinz Carl you find many possibilities for activities in your free time. Equal if you want to athleticism or learn more about the culture or only want to realxe. Everything you can experience at our historical city Worms.
You will not be dissapointed from a tour trough the Kaiserdom or a inspection of the Nibelungenmuseum.

Worms offers you the possibilite to enjoy nature and make long walkings, with the connection to the rhine and the local recreation area Bürgerweide. Perfect for hiking tours, are the vineyards around Worms and at the districs, there your find in every season wunderful nature.

You will not only find in Worms interessting activities to fill your free time as well in the sourrounding city you have many possibilities. Like Mannheim, Ludwigshafen or Frankenthal are only a few minutes away from the city of the Nibelungen. This citys are the perfect setting for a day trip.

We will be hppy to advise you abour the numerous possibilities to plan your activities in Worms and make you stay to an experience.